Saturday, October 24, 2015

A lovely day for the Markets.....

It has been so long since my last post! Life happened and I suppose I have been too busy to write about it. It's springtime and the sun is shining, so I think there is no better time for a fresh start, is there?
This morning my darling girl and I headed off to the farmers markets.

We enjoyed orange juice slushie's and perfectly divine cinnamon brioche, we then left with a car full of fresh fruit and vegetables and so many strawberries! I bought a tray with 20 punnets of beautiful sweet ripe berries for only $20.00, and the farmer also let me have a 4kg box of seconds for $10.00...
On the way home we stopped in at a Spring Fair being held at one of the churches in town, where I picked up this pottery crock for $4.00 at the "Trash and Treasure"
It is perfect for my sourdough loaves!
My afternoon was spent dealing with all the strawberries! Setting aside 4 punnets for supper tomorrow, I hulled them all and filled sandwich bags for the freezer. It is a great way to keep them on hand for smoothies, baking or desserts..
Then it was on to the jam!
After sorting, and chopping all of the seconds, this..
became this.....
There are seven more, but the jars aren't as pretty so they are not in the picture!!
        I braided and hung the spring garlic too, so lets just say my home is very "fragrant" 
this evening....