Sunday, March 30, 2014

Autumn in the garden...

We all spent a lovely day today in the garden, Autumn is underway and the weather is turning cooler. It's time to prepare the garden and vegie beds for our winter crops.
We pulled out the last of the rainbow chard, celery and basil. we also pulled up all the tomato plants saving the green tomatoes that wont ripen now, I think I'll make green tomato chutney!
Such a good helper weeding!
Collecting the green tomatoes before daddy pulls up the plants..
Turning over this bed with manure and compost, in a few weeks we will put broccoli here!
A little artistic inspiration from the outdoors!
Pat hard at work planting out the calendula seedlings we propagated along the sideway fence..
I cant wait to see them in a month or two!
Keeping it all neat and tidy...
Benjamin Bunny...
Our raspberries are an Autumn fruiting variety, we cant wait to eat them!
So many pumpkins! They should last us through winter. I love this time of year, the leaves will be turning very soon, and we can look forward to cosy afternoons with knitting or a book, evenings of family card or board games in snuggly pyjamas, hot water bottles in the beds and old fashioned, comforting home cooking...

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