Thursday, June 20, 2013

Winter mornings..

I have adjusted my morning routine.
I have always woken the children at 6.00am and served breakfast at about 6.30am on weekday mornings, which gave the children 1/2 an hour to dress, take care of teeth, hair etc and do their bedrooms. They would move on to the morning duties after breakfast before leaving for the school buses.
Now that we are in winter it is still quite dark and very cold at 6.00am, everyone was moving ALOT slower than usual, barely making it to the table fully dressed let alone having finished what is expected of them!
And so I have changed the morning routine and there has been significant improvement. I now serve breakfast at 7.00am giving them an hour to get into the swing of things, kitchen is closed at 7.20am and they have 25mins to pack bags and do morning duties before they have to go out to the bus, I will also help girls with their hair during this time if they need it.
The mornings are much calmer now!
It also has made it easier for me to prepare and set out the lunches and cook the breakfast, that extra 1/2 an hour makes quite a difference!
Sandwiches ready for lunchboxes
I have been trying a few different things for breakfast lately, other than the usual egg and baked beans on toast or grilled tomato and bacon on toast with fresh, tinned or stewed fruit (It depends on the day) and a bowl of porridge or Weet-bix. I do recommend a big hot breakfast for children especially in the cooler months, I think its lovely to have them head out for the day all warm and rugged up with nice full bellies!
Warm sultana and bran muffins with butter and strawberries
Both of these are served with a mug of hot chocolate!

Hot bread, butter and quince jelly with oranges.
I know that these breakfasts are not as filling as the usual things, but they are definitely morale boosters, and easier to prepare on those busier or hurried mornings. I just pack a bigger morning tea!  


  1. Carli, I can barely get myself and the three littlies ready and make them some toast and be out the door at 8 for work! You are an awesome mum and lady!

    I miss you guys and my sewing is currently non existent now I am back at work .:( boo

    1. Thankyou Susan that is a lovely thing to say! It just takes routine, I find that by me getting up at 5am it gives me an hour to be showered, dressed and do my hair and makeup,and have a quiet cup of tea before I have to wake the family up. It definitely makes the morning calmer and more organised for everyone:)