Sunday, March 17, 2013

For when little ones over indulge.....

Do you remember what happened to Peter rabbit when he ate too many cabbages in Mr Magregors garden?
Well, my youngest daughter came home yesterday, quite ill from a play date where she was fed HUGE quantitys of softdrink, chocolate bars, lollies etc.
She is certainly not used to this and was very unwell. I thought I would share my remedy, I also use this when they may have had a really big and exhausting day.
First things first a lavender essential oil bubble bath, and a dose of Bach Rescue remedy (flower essences).

Then when they are dry and cosy in their pajamas, they have a supper of warm stewed apples with cinnamon and a cup of camomile and dandelion leaf tea.
Just like Peter rabbit..
If they are not unwell just exhausted, they have a boiled egg with vegemite toast soldiers first.
They then have another dose of Rescue Remedy ( If you have never tried it it is wonderful, so gentle yet very effective) and are off to bed by 6pm..
I wonder, I think an over indulgence in cabbage may be easier to deal with! 


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