Thursday, February 14, 2013

Catching Up....

Well here we are! After an extremely busy Summer holidays, I think I am just starting to feel normal again. Our new house is starting to feel like home, the children have all started school for the year and I might add are loving it so far, we have things growing in the garden and now it's time for me to spend the next few weeks pottering about settling everyone into their new routines and sorting out our home after having six children at home on school holidays for ten weeks! I did love having them here with me, but goodness it makes it difficult to keep on top of things!!
I thought today I might post about whats been going on here at home for the last couple of weeks, and I'll start in the garden. When we first moved in, my dear husband and sons spent an entire weekend digging up the backyard to start our vegetable garden. They planted it out with all sorts of seedlings and seeds. Unfortunately a week later we had torrential rain that washed away most of them, followed shortly after was a heat wave with a week of temperatures in the mid forties(celsius) that fried almost everything else!
All that managed to survive were the tomatoes and broad beans, so we will just start again with the winter crop and should start planting soon....

I have just yesterday started knitting everybody some beautiful warm pure wool school scarves. I'm getting ready for our cold Canberra winter!
We have been out to the farmers markets every weekend and a few weeks ago I came home with large quantities of absolutely spectacular apricots and strawberries! We ate ALOT and I made jam with the rest. We now have about a years supply in the pantry!
And last but not least I had morning tea today with one of our new neighbours. She has an amazing garden filled with  a chicken run, herbs, vegetables, native plants, bulbs, roses and much more! She was kind enough to dig up some comfrey for me to plant in our garden, and even gave me some of her homemade comfrey ointment and a lesson on how to make it! I'm going to use the same technique for calendula ointment, and some eucalyptus/tea tree/lavender to make a chest rub for colds and flu, I thought it was a marvellous idea!
I hope you all are enjoying your last weeks of Summer too!! 





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