Monday, December 17, 2012

An Update!

Here we are! After an extremely busy few weeks we have moved into our new home in Canberra, yay!!
We have a beautiful real christmas tree.
Children are smiling,
and everything is in its place ( almost! )
I know I should have done it a month ago, but today I started the fruit soaking in the rum & brandy for the christmas pudding, I'll finish the mix and boil it on Friday,  crossing  my fingers it will be as nice as usual even though it only had a few days to cure!
We could not possibly have a christmas without my beautiful pudding!
I thought I would show you a few photos of how my decorating is going so far..
The good room
  We have green feature walls and I've decided I really like them!
This is the breakfast area off the kitchen
I'll put up some pictures of the dining room when its just right, my darling husband is doing up an old pine wardrobe, painting it white and turning it into display cupboard for me to have in there. So until then I'll show you the breakfast room!
The cubby house, all decked out for christmas!
The girls cubby has some of the best views in Canberra!!
I hope you are all enjoying your christmas preparations, I know I am!

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