Monday, October 8, 2012

My week at home, Monday...

Good morning! Here I am at 6am about to wake the children. I thought I would start by telling you that probably the most necessary part of keeping on top of things is getting up an hour before the rest of the family. It gives me time to shower, do my hair&makeup and dress in peace and quiet with a nice cup of tea. I also hang the load of washing I put on overnight, put another load on, make my bed and give the ensuite a quick once over. It makes a huge difference and really makes each day start off fresh and positive! Usually I would make Shane a cuppa and bring it in while he gets ready for work, but he's away at the moment( again!) so moving on to morning routine!You will find details for our morning and afternoon routines HERE.

Children are off to school and It's breakfast time for mummy, A good breakfast is so important! Porridge, fruit salad, a boiled egg and a pot of tea, this takes less than 15mins to prepare and it is so lovely to sit down after a hectic morning to a nicely set table and a delicious breakfast everyday, on weekends we eat as a family at the big table. I've had this little breakfast routine for years it is so worth doing.
9am and I watered the pots out the front, and pulled out a few weeds.
I then hung more washing, vacuumed and mopped the floors.
11.40am I braced myself to tackle
Lets just say that after the busy school holidays it was not looking it's tidy and uncluttered best!




Before I knew it it's 3pm and children are due home!
Afternoon tea time
Homework and dinner preparation.
Bring in all the washing.
followed by baths and showers
5.30pm Dinnertime! ( I have a bell you know, they litterally come running)
After dinner and I take Stevie to Airforce Cadets while big kids do the kitchen clean up and Lilly watched disneys "Sword in the stone"
7pm and I'm home folding and sorting all of todays washing.
Putting Lilly and Bella-Clare to bed.
And then writing this!
8pm Gracies off to bed.
9pm Off I go to fetch Stevie. my darlings Josh and Pat stayed up to watch the girls while I was gone.
10.30pm and here I am more tea in hand ready for bed!
Good night...

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