Sunday, October 7, 2012

My week at home....

Every day this week I am going to post about exactly what I do housekeeping wise, and how I do it.
This will include my housekeeping routine, meal plans, errands/budget , exercise etc. I'm hoping that I can show you all that running a clean, organised and welcoming home with a large family is not as difficult as some might think, and you dont have to sacrifice your health, sleep or sanity to do it! All it takes is persistance, a positive attitude and yes, discipline! I'm not advocating that you chase the children around with a stick, ( I am joking, I do not chase my children with a stick!) But a firm well thought out routine makes a HUGE difference, so does having set boundarys of what is and is not acceptable behavior in our home.

                                                 Here is my "Spring cleaning list"

This is the list of household tasks that make up my Spring seasonal clean. The list stays fairly similar for each quarterly clean, with only a few differences relevant to each season.

# Wash all doona inserts and covers also decorative cushion covers / pillowcases, hanging cushion/pillow inserts on the clothes line in the sun for a good few hours to kill dustmites. Starch and iron doona covers and cushion covers / pillowcases well, and make up the beds. If changing linens etc for a different Spring/Summer look, store them appropriately in the linen press.

# Wash all couch slip covers and throw rugs. Also wash any decorative throw cushion covers from living areas and hang inserts on the line as for bedrooms. Be sure to iron the couch slip covers before putting them back on or they just wont look as nice.

# Clean out and re-organise pantry.

# Thoroughly clean refrigerator and freezer, removing shelves/drawers etc and washing in hot soapy water and drying really well. Pull it out from the wall vacuum and mop underneath ,aswell as wipe over the sides and the back.

# Laundry- clean washing machine and dryer, tidy laundry cupboard and wipe over all walls and ceiling for dryer "fuzz" Pull out machines, vacuum and mop underneath.

# Tidy and wipe down kitchen cupboards, drawers and shelves re-arranging things if necessary.

# Tidy and wipe down bathroom vanity cupboards, drawers etc as for Kitchen.

# Tidy linen press, checking items for wear and necessary repairs/replacements.

# Clean all ceiling fans, air conditioner vents and filters.

# Clean all skirting boards, windowsills and wash down the walls in every room with sugarsoap. ( The children help with this as it is a huge job)

# Wash all windows inside and out. The best way for inside is a bucket of hot soapy water with a cup of vinegar, a dish sponge, a good squeegee and polish dry with a glass cloth. Outside I use a soft indoor broom again hot soapy water and vinegar and I rinse with the hose then squeegee. The broom is great for security/fly screens. ( this is also a huge job, it will take an entire afternoon so I plan for it)

 Well thats my list. It takes at most 2 weeks to complete, some of them I manage a few in one day. It makes everything else easier on a daily basis when these things are done once a quarter.

I will begin my " Week at home with Carli " posts on Monday evening,I hope you enjoyed your weekend!


  1. Carli, I love that it is spring for you down-under! I also have a friend in Uruguay, and it is spring there, too! Thank you for sharing your routine. I definitely will be back to visit and read more on your dear blog :) I am so glad I can 'follow' you as you link-up...come back each week, please!

  2. Ps...I have never heard of sugar soap. that is a huge job to do in a day with so many other things :) God bless you!!! Lol

    1. Thankyou so much! Yes it is a big job! But once it's all done the house feels so fresh and nice! Im not sure exactly whats in sugarsoap but its low chemical, It comes in a liquid that you dilute with water and is brilliant for cleaning walls. Its very popular here, as its perfect for use before painting because it leaves no residue. Thankyou again for visiting! I love getting comments! Blessings to you and your family!