Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My week at home, Tuesday..

As usual my day began in the laundry, before I woke everyone up. 
9am after my breakfast I put another load on the line, and commenced serious dusting.
To be totally honest I havent dusted properly all school holidays!
Seriously if the cats sat still long enough I would have given them a wipe over with a damp cloth too!
I paid close attention to the playroom today, as the Ikea unit in there gets very dusty and it had become quite untidy, also due to school holidays.
I forgot to take a before photo but here is the after. Much better! I also vacuumed the couch in the room and put a fresh throw quilt on the back.
10.30am and I was up to vacuuming the house, and I gave the toilets and bathrooms a good scrub.
Even though these areas are on the childrens morning duties, they are only expected to do a light clean and a tidy. Twice a week they get a propper scrub especially the toilets, If you have boys you will understand! I recommend a bucket of hot soapy water and a firm brush and I do all around the base and grout. Because drips etc will soak into the grout and there will always be an odour that mopping alone will not remove.
Below is my ensuite, I love plants in bathrooms! I have found peace lillys do very well.
12noon and I hosed the back pergola and our labrador Fletchers outside bed, cleaned his water bucket and watered the pots out the back and our herb garden.
I found a catapillar eating my nasturtiums and promptly fed him to our blue tongue lizard for lunch.
1pm I sat down put my feet up and flipped through some  old issues of my favorite decorating magazines with a cup (or two) of tea!
2pm I tidied my desk and took care of the household correspondance. Then at 2.30pm I made a batch of scones and whipped some cream as I was expecting a lovely lady for afternoon tea after school.
What a shame there was no-one about to lick the beaters! Oh well waste not, want not! Yum!
A quiet afternoon of homework, lovely conversation and scones with jam and cream.
Our evening was much the same dinner, Lilly and Bella-Clare in bed at 7pm. Gracie in bed at 8pm and the boys at 8.30pm all is peaceful as I sit here, I think I'll go and do some of my cross stitch with "Escape to the country" Goodnight!

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