Saturday, October 13, 2012

Beautiful Christmas gift ideas for children...

I am a firm believer of "Less is more"
so I thought I would post today a list of the toys I think are must haves, that are really all a small child needs,they are well worth the money and I think you will find if you decluttered all of the plastic battery operated "things" you would be pleasantly suprised at how their imagination will blossom! Also how easy it is to keep a childs room tidy!
18mths- 3  
  A ball   
 Wooden blocks
A soft dolly or teddybear ( or one of each)
Farm animals ( I cannot recommend the shleich ones more highly)
Play dough
Story books
Play cloths & pegs ( to make little cubbys etc)
matchbox cars
jack in a box
A marble run
A baby doll & pram
A train set
A tea set 
A few puzzles
hula hoop
pop up books
story books
skipping rope
cricket set
Uno cards
knitting nancy ( french knitting)
A little girl doll ( I highly recommend Australian Girl dolls here )
model planes
roller blades
easel, watercolour art book and paints
chapter books ( my girls adore Enid Blyton, and the boys loved the Tashi books)
Dolls house
billy cart
crazy catch
I will leave it at that, I hope I may have given you some lovely ideas.

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