Monday, September 17, 2012

A menu plan with a difference

My dream kitchen!
Today I am showing you not just my menu plan for the week, but also how I budget, and some of the recipes that I use. I shop for $280.00 per week, this includes cleaning products but not pet food. This is obviously a small budget to feed a family of 8 and I would like to share how it can be achieved without compromising on quality and still maintaining a balanced healthy diet.
Achieving this means that more of our income can be put towards childrens clothing, shoes, school fees etc, not to mention the occasional trip to the quilting store( yay!) and family outings.
I suppose the first thing I should tell you is that I make almost everything from scratch, including 2-3 loaves of bread a day. Baking my own bread makes a BIG difference, it costs about 50c a loaf and I know exactly whats in it. I might also mention it is fantastic warm with melty butter and honey! My recipe is here

I like to cook and run my home the old fashioned way, yes it can be hard work but it really does make a happy family!

Here is my menu for the week,

SUNDAY- Roast with baked potatoes, pumpkin, carrots and onion. ( make extra roast veg and set aside) Cauliflower cheese and baby peas.* Dessert- Chocolate pudding with cream.

MONDAY- Spaghetti bolognaise with childrens salad.

TUESDAY- Meat and vegetable pie with cheese penne, broccolli, carrots and baby beans.

WEDNESDAY- "Carrot Stew"(beef cassarole) with hot bread and butter, baby peas & beans and corn on the cob.

THURSDAY- Spinach and riccotta canelloni and a simple salad.

FRIDAY- Homemade hamburgers with chips and milkshakes.

SATURDAY- Chicken soup with hot bread and butter. * Dessert- Rasberry pudding and custard.

weet-bix or porridge
tinned fruit
eggs on toast with bacon
bakedbeans on toast with bacon

Meat, cheese and pickle or Egg, lettuce and mayonaise sandwiches.
Little bolognaise pizzas. (weekends)
Fresh fruit

Vanilla cake

Crackers, apples and yoghurt.

We do not buy any softdrinks, fruit juice or cordials. I never have, sometimes I may buy some lemonade or make some cordial for a treat, usually its for an occasion or a picnic. The children happily drink milk, water, herbal or green tea. I drink alot of herbal teas and green tea and Shane has a green tea in the mornings and a cup of coffee after dinner.

I shop at 3 different supermarkets, ALDI, COLES and WOOLWORTHS.
I only go to woolworths for my Crisp ironing starch and the dry yeast for the bread, as the others dont stock either of them. I dont get the yeast in sachets it is better value to get Lowan yeast in the red container and measure by the teaspoon when needed. ( keep it in the fridge once open)
I will copy out for you the list/receipt for each store.

4x 3 litres full cream milk
1 box froz rasberries
2x 500g froz baby peas
1kg bag froz green beans
2x box froz spinach
2x 500g block butter
500g block cheese
1 tub ricotta cheese
600ml cream
2 500ml tubs yoghurt
1 bag froz crinkle cut oven chips
6 250g tins of diced tomatoes
1 litre bottle olive oil
700ml bottle tomato passata
500g jar tomato paste
1kg pkt spaghetti
500g pkt penne
1 tin pineapple slices
1 tin beetroot
4x 825g tins of peaches or two fruits in juice
700g jar of honey
2 pkts crackers
1kg white sugar
3doz eggs
dishwashing liquid 99c
dishwasher tabs $7.99
laundry liquid concentrate $4.99
laundry soaker $2.49
3kg roast pork shoulder
2kg beef mince
1x $5.00 pkt budget bacon
1x $5.00 froz chook
1kg chuck steak

TOTAL- $ 153.50

2 boxes canneloni shells
tin of chicken massel stock powder
425g box coles traditional gravy mix
3x 2kg coles plain flour
1x 2kg coles self raising flour
3x 900g bags coles rolled oats
2x 500g coles soft icing sugar
20 pack white Quilton 3ply toilet paper.

3kg navel oranges
3x 1kg bags carrots
4 sweet corn
med kent/jap pumpkin
500g zuchini
3 kg potatoes
1kg brown onions
1 spanish onion
1 large gold sweet potato
500g broccoli
2 lettuce
1 cauliflower
5 kg apples
1/2 a celery
3kg bananas
1 kg tomatoes

TOTAL- $115.00

lowan dry yeast
1x can Crisp starch

TOTAL- $9.80

As you can see the grand total comes in at just under $280.00, I will post some of the recipes later this week for anyone who may like them. I'm considering doing a few more budget shopping list and weekly menu plan posts, I thought perhaps they may be helpful?  I would love you to let me know if it would.
Have a lovely afternoon!


  1. WOW Carlie - you have a gift for budgeting -It is shameful how much money I spend and we have 3 less family members.

    I have just tried out your bread recipe (in the oven now) and might sit down and do a menu plan -

    Some nice inspiration, thanks

    1. I hope your bread came out well! I love how it makes the house smell!

  2. wow, theres only 8 of us here and it costs me about 300-320 a week! will be checking out your recipes for some meal ideas :)

  3. Really looking at this to try, super excited!!