Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pretty Singlets

I am a firm believer in the singlet! Especially with children, they are invaluble during spring and autumn when it is chilly and the children take off their jumpers when running about and playing.
As you can see above I buy the traditional bonds singlets for both the girls and boys, the ones pictured are the girls style. I prefer these as they are simple, practical( they are quite long and tuck into pants and stockings well) well made and warm. Unlike some other examples I've seen in department stores that are aimed at little girls and tweens but are SO inappropriate! It is difficult to tell which ones belong to which child after a few washes because the size tag fades, so for the last few years this is what I do.
For each of the girls I stitch a grub rose on the front of each one in a different colour for each girl. Gracie has Blue, Bella-Clare has lemon and Lilly has pink. I also buy plain white knickers and do the same so they have matching sets.

Traditional, pretty and practical!
And when sorting the laundry it easy to see who's is who's at a glance!
Obviously the boys dont have roses! When they were little I put their first initial in red for Josh, Yellow for Stevie and Navy for Pat.
I have found the best place to buy childrens underwear is at "Best & Less" You can buy both the singlets and knickers individually for around $5.00 a singlet and from $3.00 for each pair of knickers, I haven't found anywhere else that sells plain white knickers for girls. 

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