Sunday, May 27, 2012

When someone is sick

It is always hard work when somebody or several somebodies in
the family are unwell. Trying to care for the poor things whilst
preventing everyone else from catching the "sicky germs"as they
are affectionately reffered to in our home is not easy,especially if
they are struck with something like gastro, and I dont think I need to spell out why!
I know not everyones family is as large as ours but I thought I might
share my tried and tested system for dealing with it.

First and most importantly
The person or persons in question are on bed rest and NOT to leave their room,
except to use the bathroom/toilet.
If the child shares a room and the other child is well, I will make up a bed
elsewhere for the well one, usually in my room or another sibling who is not sick.
We have two bathrooms so I am able to quarantine that aswell if it is
a gastro type bug.

Hand washing routine becomes very strict for everyone, my normal liquid soap
gets swapped for the anti-bacterial/viral one, I also put the purell hand sanitiser
out in the bathrooms, kitchen and the quarantined bedrooms.

If it is a gastro bug BOTH bathrooms and toilets get disinfected immediately after
use ( this prevents cross contamination if someone who was well gets sick too)

The sick beds get their linens changed and washed every morning and dried in
the sun ( providing the weather accommodates) Bad colds and flu can
go on for days so this is also for the comfort of my patients, not just for

When cleaning up vomit disposable gloves and a vinyl apron are a must!
The apron can be wiped over sprayed with an anti-viral spray like glen20
and hung in the sun.
Speaking of aprons it's not everyones thing but a couple of  fresh, clean pressed aprons
everyday is nice.

Being on bed rest can be hard for children, particularly small ones!
so I give them things to do on a tray in bed, such as colouring, lego, my little pony
books etc. I also might put the laptop on the end of the bed and play
a movie on it for them. They are NOT allowed computer games as it does not encourage

I also bring their meals on a tray, If they are up to food.
Favorites in our home are
vegimite toast and a boiled egg.
warm stewed apples.
mummys chicken soup
"special dinny in a bowl"
chopped fresh fruit
ham, cheese and tomato toasted sandwiches.
Cups of herbal teas and hot honey, lemon and ginger are also very comforting!

Well thats about it, the only other thing I could add is a nice warm lavender
bath followed by vicks vapour rub and a hot water bottle in the bed when the
weather is cold, is always good.

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