Monday, April 9, 2012

Impromptu Tea Party...

What else is there to do over the easter holidays?
Why hold a tea party of course!
We decided one morning to set up a garden tea,
and invite Nannie to join us, after all we did have  alot of
cake from our baking lessons....

We all enjoyed a perfectly lovely afternoon!
Chicken, aioli and lettuce sandwiches
Strawberries and cream
The afore mentioned cupcakes
Tea ( of course)
Lime cordial
Iced water

Let them eat cake!

It's the school holidays, and my girls requested lessons
in various things, Baking being at the top of the list.
And so we started with cupcakes, and learned that a basic
plain cake recipe can become all sorts of different things!
LILLY - Chocolate
BELLA-CLARE - strawberry & marshmallow
GRACIE - vanilla & rasberry jam


They lined up along my kitchen bench, ingredients and homemaking notebooks
at hand, ready to produce something spectacular!

As you can see, we were not without the local scavengers
hoping to find leftovers in bowls and wooden spoons unlicked!

I thought they did a fabulous job, dont you?

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Menu plan Monday

I thought I would post my weekly menu today. On school holidays it doesn't really change, the only difference really is they dont take milk in their lunchboxes, they all have yoghurt and then have a glass of milk with afternoon fruit. Also sometimes they like the meat and salad separatly in their salad boxes with a bread roll for school.
I find that on holidays it is a good idea to still prepare the lunches in the morning and pop them into the fridge as the day runs much smoother! 


Tinned peaches

Weet-bix or Porridge

Baked beans on toast - Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun

Eggs on toast- Tues, Thu, Sat


Orange or Apple & Mango juice


Sandwiches-  Chicken & lettuce
                      Salami, tomato & cheese
                      Vegimite, Cheese & lettuce

Milk or Yoghurt


Monday - Pumpkin soup with hot homemade bread and butter

Tuesday - Sausauges with mashed potatoes, onions, gravy and vegetables

Wednesday - Spaghetti Bolognaise with "Childrens salad"

Thursday - Creamy chicken and mushroom bake with vegetables

Friday - Fishburgers with homemade wedges.
             * Fancy Milkshakes

Saturday - Lasagne with Italian green salad

Sunday Lunch - Roast pork, apple sauce & gravy. Baked
                          potatoes and pumpkin cauliflower cheese and baby
                         green beans.
                          * Apple & blueberry crumble with custard

Sunday Supper - Hot cross buns, warm milk and honey.


Apple cake and Muesli slice


Apples, oranges, rockmelon, kiwi fruit and strawberries.