Thursday, March 22, 2012

Organising the children......

I was asked recently by a lovely lady, to write a post on how I organise
the childrens school thing's, routine etc.
It took me awhile as I didn't really know where to begin, and so I thought their playroom
was as good a place as any to start!
Above is a photo of their playroom, yes that is an Ikea Expedit unit we just altered it by removing a shelf and plugging up the holes so that the television etc could fit. This unit also holds a DVD player and the Wii. All along the bottom are their favorite books and the sea grass baskets from officeworks contain 1- homework supplies, pens pencils textas etc and colouring books.
2- childrens bibles, christmas storybooks, hymm books etc...
3- Wii game's, microphones & paraphinalia...
The old army trunk holds an arsenal of Nerf weaponary, anyone out there with boys over the age of 6 will understand! It also doubles as a coffee table for girls to play at, colour in etc, our Shleich fairies are set up there at the moment.


Our not so attractive but necessary filing cabinet containing years of artwork, school reports, certificates etc.
The green Ikea storage tubs hold all of the wooden trainset and accessories in one and the large wooden marble run & marbles in the other ( Fabulous toy, I highly recomend them!).
The basket on the floor is for the tree block's, and that's our barn.


If anyone needs to know anything the answer is usually found on this wall!
The pinboard has recent awards and the calender, which I love as it has spaces across the top to fit all six children's name's and the dates down the side.
There is a clock
the blackboard for messages, reminder's or just to draw on!
The three chart's
1- School morning check list
2- Morning duties
3- School week planner, who has library, sport, choir, music etc on which days....
The tubs hold
1- Large floor games like Twister, Skittles & Giant snakes and ladder's.
2- All puzzles.
The letters on the wall are navy blue and have bulldog clips attached to each one. This is where I clip any school notes that have to be returned for each child. The MDF letters came from the local hardware store( Bunnings) I just painted them and put on the clips.

Each of them are allocated a morning duty. These are
# Bathroom tidy
# Toilet clean
# Playroom dusted and tidy
# Empty dishwasher for breakfast dishes
# Emu Bob ( go around house and put away anything not in it's home)
# Take out rubbish and recycling

#1 Wash face, brush teeth, do hair
#2 Get dressed 
#3 Clean bedrooms, make beds. Change sheets on Friday's
#4 Breakfast
#5 Morning duties
#6 Inspection
#7 Boys leave for the bus
#8 Girl quiet reading/play
#9 Girls leave for school.

Above are the laminated routine charts I made that I use for children under the age of ten.
I only have two left now! and after Bella-Clare's birthday just one!
These are on Bella-Clare and Lilly's bedroom door.

This is my desk

When the children come home from school, they clip all notes to the front of my folder. Each night I go through them, sign things and put forms requiring payment in envelopes with money enclosed and marked with the childs name.

I write down the dates for upcoming school events, birthday party invitations etc in my blue diary and on the playroom calender under the relevent childs name. I then hole punch the information part of the school note, or the party invitation and clip it into my folder in order of date, the front being the most current and so on...  Any notes or envelopes to be returned are clipped onto  the letters on the playroom wall to be packed into schoolbags the next morning.

Well thats it! Now that I've written it all down it does seem rather exhausting! It isn't really, it is most definately better than the total chaos that would errupt if I didn't have my system!!!

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