Thursday, March 15, 2012

Just a little tour.....

Yes, I know I have re-decorated "At home with Carli"again! I thought it was necessary as I show a lot of photograph's of my home and I wanted to co-ordinate! . I think I have finally settled my Brisbane decorating style, of course things will change about here and there, and season to season (a change is as good as a holiday isn't it?) but after four months of swapping colours,  taking cushions and ornament's in and out of cupboards and shifting the furniture about, I am now starting to feel much more at home...
Would you like to see some of my latest decorating efforts? I'll put some photo's below, I'm quite proud as I have done all of this on a VERY tight budget! It's not terribly difficult to do once you have a particular look in your head. For example on a day at the beach I sent the children on a mission to fill a bucket with the prettiest most interesting shells that they could find, voila! I washed them and they now look great in some glass vases and urns that I already had. I tend to re-use alot of things, just re-purposing them and thinking creatively! I also as we all know, love a Lay-bye!

This is our master bedroom. The bed used to be stained pine and 
 Shane painted it white for me.

Mummy's favorite chair!
It's an "Ektorp" from Ikea, very budget friendly and so very comfortable!

My attempt at a whimsical tablescape in the good room....
I think I need to try harder!
The unpressed piece of linen just isn't me!

More of my good room......

My lovely Robert Gordon tea set.
Very reasonably priced, it also comes in pale pink. I bought it at Domayne.

And of course my old faithful kitchen dresser!

I hope you enjoyed my little tour!...........


  1. Love that kitchen dresser! Did you buy second-hand, a family heirloom or made to look well-loved?

    1. Hi Julie, we bought it 12 years ago at a little antique shop when we were posted to Townsville. It was built in the late 1800's out of old Kerosine boxes and they thought painted blue sometime during the depression. The shop had only just started to restore it. It was love at first sight for me and I have left it just as it was for all these years!