Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Decorating for Easter

Does anyone decorate for easter?
I dont really do alot, but it is nice to have a little something here and there. I find that most easter decorations are themed around "springtime"with lot's of pastel colours. Which is quite apropriate
for the northern hemisphere but here in Australia it just seems out of place to me,when we are enjoying Autumn weather and spectacular displays of the rich autumnal red's, gold's and deep purples etc.

Camping trips up in the Snowy mountains, Mt Kosiosko on Easter Holidays, paddling barefoot in the icy cold creeks, playing in the bush with my brother and eating spaghetti bolognaise cooked on the campfire by my mother, all whilst being observed by the local kangaroo's and goanna's are among my fondest childhood memories......

The few thing's that I do put out tend to be in more earthy tones, above are my cast iron bunnies and I had a brilliant idea to fill a jar with Quail eggs and display it! Dont you just adore Quail eggs? They are so delicate and pretty and each one's speckles are different!

I would love to know what everyone else does to prepare for easter, please feel free to comment, I get so excited when I see them!

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  1. I never really though about easter colours being springlike, but they certainly are! Love your Easter holiday memories. Mine just consisted of asking for the biggest egg possible.