Sunday, January 29, 2012

Stewed apricots and other delight's

Look at what I bought this week!
They were so ripe and juicy that I could not resist, and they were such a good price I ought to have bought more than I did!
And so what did I do with these delightful morsels of sunshine in a stone fruit?
I stewed them of course!

I simmered them down with a little sugar and water for around 45 minutes until  they became thick and pulpy and quite a dark orange.
Wouldn't you know it? I forgot to photograph the finished apricots!

Now I really did have a very productive afternoon in the kitchen yesterday, I made a lovely apple teacake, two loaves of bread and a roast pork and vegetables for dinner!
And to top off an alltogether lovely day, one of the cows in the paddock across from our house gave birth to the most beautiful little calf!
I tried to get a photo this morning, but my camera wouldn't zoom in enough and I really didn't want an altercation with the barbed wire fence to get closer! So I will wait until they wander over here....


  1. I've never had stewed apricots before. Looks more like a soup when you boil it down.

    Your apple cake and bread sure do look yummy. Send me some slices, please. :)

    -M. Wildflower

    1. Thankyou! they were, cake dosn't last long in our house! I suppose the apricots did look "soupy" I forgot to photograph them finished, they do become much thicker. I freeze portions in zip lock bags and get one out now and then to top yoghurt, icecream etc, they are delicious over a steamed pudding with hot custard

  2. Hi, thanks for your comment about our Fraser Is trip. I've had a little look around your blog and your daughter's blog, only to find you may have come from our last posting location and your new location is quite close to us. What a coincidence - 6 children, army wife/homemaker, and a Sgt for hubby. Do you know anyone or made new friends yet? Your house looks beautifully set up, and I can almost smell those delicious apricots.

  3. I forgot to add that if you weren't aware of it, there is a small women's group called Solid Rock Ministries for military wives which meets every Wednesday 10am - 11.30am at the army base Chapel. It begins for this year tomorrow morning (15/2/11) and if you are interested you are very welcome to come along. Feel free to email me from the link on my blog if you'd like more information. Mum-me (aka Catherine)

    1. I would love to come, but my Stevie broke his arm and has an appointment with the fracture clinic! I will definately come along next week if thats ok? I tried to email you on your blog, but it wouldn't work(Im not very computer savvy)Have you been in Brisbane long? I noticed you love Jane Austin too! I am a HUGE fan and am currently reading Persuasion.

  4. I'm glad I checked back here to see if you had replied (I'll see what's going on with my email link ... sorry about that). I have two sick girls home today so I wasn't able to go either, and I was so looking forward to it as today was the first for the year. It's a nice little group, very supportive, and when my husband is away (like now!) it's always the highlight of my week. Please email me if you want to - I'd love to hear from you.