Sunday, January 15, 2012

Screen free idea's for a rainy day...

It's the end of the holiday's, The children are over it and cant wait for school to start, and it has been raining consistantly since yesterday.

Anybody who know's me would know that I am not a fan of children being entertained by things requiring screens, for me it is a last resort. Dont get me wrong I'm not objecting to a little ABC kid's of an afternoon, or a little evening television for the older ones, even the odd computer game here and there is fine. But I cannot stand children sitting in front of a screen for hour's at a time,when there are SO MANY wonderful things they are missing!
But what do you do when it is pouring rain and the toys and games they usually love are suddenly BORING
Well you cant send them out to play, or can you? If its summertime and the weather is just wet and cool, not cold send them out in their bather's! They will have a ball! If it's too cold, gumboots and umbrella's.

Then there is the "Rainy day box"
Only get it out in wet weather, here are some suggestions for filling it...
Paper doll's
Plasticine and mats ( If you have smaller children you might prefer playdough)
Model kits or lego/duplo  for the little ones
New Books
Uno cards

You can also bake together, give them old magazines to cut up and stick on posters, my girls love that, they cut out home decor things, white goods, furniture and garden pictures and design their dream homes.

Give it a try, there is so many things they can do that are creative, educational, engaging and just plain fun! 

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