Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lovely Lunchboxes

I cant believe the holiday's are almost over, and the children go back to school in one week! So whilst doing my grocery shopping this week I realised that next week, I would be shopping with school lunches in mind. Now as I have embraced a new fresh & fit lifestyle over the last 6 months or so, I want to be able to send them off with crisp, light tasty food that stays fresh in the Queensland weather, dosn't cost me a fortune, with a variety of choices for them .Oh, and did I mention reasonably quick to prepare with little mess? I dont want much do I!

Here's the plan, I have made a chart to be laminated and stuck to the inside of the pantry door. On it is choices to add to their salad boxes, they all start with baby spinach, carrot, tomato and a boiled egg. The choices are the meats, ie: salami, cold chicken or ham, dressing, cheese, gherkins etc. They use a white board pen and mark their initial next to their choice. I bought these nifty salad boxes by Sistema they are a bargain at $8.00 each, you can separate the extras in the top section for them. All the ingredients are pre prepared in tupperware in my fridge, it will be simple to check who wants what, line them up on the bench like a production line and pack them while I make dinner. Then they're in the fridge ready for the morning, pop them into the coolbags with a pre buttered and wrapped bread roll from the freezer, fruit and a muffin or crackers. Voila, Bob's your uncle! Nutritious fresh lunches that didn't go soggy because they were made the night before!
Even the fruit choices can be done like that for those who prefer chopped fruit over an apple or banana, I keep 3 containers for watermelon, rockmelon and pineapple. In winter I do oranges.
  The chart has choices for recess too... muesli slice, muffin or crackers.

You may have noticed this years colour scheme for school things is green and blue. It's a favorite of both mine and several of the children at the moment, and I've been thoroughly inspired by the S.Pelegrino bottles I keep on my bench! I love the blue glitter coolbags I found for the girls, the boys didn't want glitter, I cant imagine why.........

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