Monday, January 23, 2012

I've got it covered!

I have finally finished decorating everybodys school books for this year,
Just in time too  as they go back to school tomorrow!
Above you will see my 6year old daughter Lilly's grade one supplies.....

Here you will see Bella-Clare's thing's

She is going into grade four this year and her most favorite colours are Emerald and mint green. She helped to do her's and was very proud!  Look no bubbles!

Below are my Gracies things.......   

She did most of it herself I cannot believe my baby girl is in year seven
this year!

And as you can see she has inherited my love for the best movie

Above are books I did for Stevie, all three boy's have the same. Very simple, in fact they weren't
even happy with the black and white stripes!( Honestly boy's, give your mother a little creative licence!)
Apparantly it is not cool to have mummy decorate your books in year nine and ten....
Nevermind, I'll decorate the notes I send in their lunch instead!!

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