Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Girls Bedrooms

Above you will see the bedroom of my two youngest daughters 9 and 6. You cant see it in the photo, but fred the rocking horse sits in the corner at the other end of the window beside a big pine wardrobe. He is black and white and wears a red bridle. I am still deciding on window dressings, any suggestions? The bedding is from Ikea. I just love the embroidered cushions and the red and white gingham love heart pillows.( so do they! )

I believe childrens bedrooms should be simple, well organised and for girls, pretty! I cannot stand little girls rooms that have every available surface dripping with images of Barbie,Disney, Brats, Dora etc!( I am sorry if this offends anyone) Also in my experience, It is far easier for a child to calmly have storytime and drift off to sleep in a room where everything has a home and is in it, nothing to distract them from sweet dreams other than the twinkling fairylights above their beds.

Here is my gracies room, she is nearly 12 now. She also has fairy lights but we hadn't put them on yet when we took the photo, they are very small stars on a clear wire twisted a couple of times around the bed head. I am thinking about also putting a white net draped over the bedhead aswell. It is a very small room so it is really important that there is no clutter and her wardrobe is super organised!

She loves a neutral palette!

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