Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Linen Press

Today I am starting "Homemaking tips Tuesday"
And I thought the care of linen press was a good place to start, as its my favorite! I think that the proper care of household linens is very important. Firstly because they are expensive to replace.
Secondly because there really is nothing quite as good as well laundered and starched bed linen.
And Thirdly, because you dont want a pile of odds and sods falling on your head every time you go to get a face cloth!

Buy the best quality that you can afford because if well taken care of it can last for many many years.
I prefer white especially for towels, although I do have some taupe and dove grey sheets as they go with Joshua and Stephens doona covers. Alot of people think white must be terribly difficult to keep nice, but it is actually easier, as long as you only wash white with white( sheets, towels, table linen etc, NOT tea towels! always do them on their own.) Use a hot wash and add nappy san.

I like to iron and starch pillow cases, flat sheets, doona covers,table cloths, tea towels and napkins and I tuck bars of soap in and around the things on the shelves. I use "crisp" starch and the original Cashmere Bouquet bars of soap, both fragrances complement each other very well. If you prefered, you could use a lemon scented starch such as "tonizone" and say, eco stores lemon verbena soap.
Only store linens etc in the linen cuboard, dont make it a dumping ground for all the things you couldn't find storage for elsewhere.
Put all related things by each other.
Once a month actually wash your clothes line with hot soapy water dirt accumulates on it and will mark your whites and lights.
The soap isn't just to smell pretty, women have done it for years as it deters insects.
Donate excess things that you havent used in years, if the cupboard is crammed full, air cannot circulate encouraging a musty smell and even mould and mildew in humid climates like Far North Queensland or Darwin.

I hope I may have helped or inspired someone,
happy homemaking!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Chicken Caeser Salad
a favorite of ours from "Real Living magazine"

  pork fillet marinated in plum sauce panfried and sliced
over crunchy salad
wrapped in tortillas

minted lamb cutlets
with a warm salad of green beans, roast pumpkin,
pinenuts, fresh cherry tomato's and fetta.
special dressing
crusty bread

chicken caeser salad
with polenta croutons.

blue ribbon vanilla ice cream with
a sauce made with blended frozen mixed berries, a little
water and a spoonful of castor sugar.

Fettucine bolognaise
a big garden salad

spinach, tomato & parmesan quiche.
homemade wedges and steamed brocollini & asparagus

Home made pizza's
mummys special iced chocolates
(Brisbane version of my hot chocolates)

BBQ sausauges, rissoles and onions,
with potato salad & "childrens favorite"salad.
Lovely soft bread rolls.


apple & cinnamon

dark chocolate

pa's fruit cake

I hope this inspires some ideas in your kitchen!

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Today I am so proud of my husband! He has always been hardworking, and a man of impeccable integrity and respect.
Today he was presented with a
And so to my darling Shane you truly deserve it!
Thankyou for working so hard for all these years to take care of
We Love you!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Girls Bedrooms

Above you will see the bedroom of my two youngest daughters 9 and 6. You cant see it in the photo, but fred the rocking horse sits in the corner at the other end of the window beside a big pine wardrobe. He is black and white and wears a red bridle. I am still deciding on window dressings, any suggestions? The bedding is from Ikea. I just love the embroidered cushions and the red and white gingham love heart pillows.( so do they! )

I believe childrens bedrooms should be simple, well organised and for girls, pretty! I cannot stand little girls rooms that have every available surface dripping with images of Barbie,Disney, Brats, Dora etc!( I am sorry if this offends anyone) Also in my experience, It is far easier for a child to calmly have storytime and drift off to sleep in a room where everything has a home and is in it, nothing to distract them from sweet dreams other than the twinkling fairylights above their beds.

Here is my gracies room, she is nearly 12 now. She also has fairy lights but we hadn't put them on yet when we took the photo, they are very small stars on a clear wire twisted a couple of times around the bed head. I am thinking about also putting a white net draped over the bedhead aswell. It is a very small room so it is really important that there is no clutter and her wardrobe is super organised!

She loves a neutral palette!