Sunday, November 27, 2011

First baked goods!

Today I baked in my new oven! After a lovely morning at our new church, I came home and baked. Above is our family meals area  and on the table is a fruit cake that was for afternoon tea and the cherry pie I baked for dessert.
I love my oven!
It may be smaller than I am used to, but it is a breeze to work with! My cake turned out beautifully evenly browned definately CWA worthy, and the pastry on the pie cut well, and just melted in the mouth, no soggy bottoms here!

The little pie you see was made by my little one Lilly, she made it especially for her Pa who came for a visit with Nannie this afternoon. He was very proud and has wrapped it and taken it home so he can have it at work tommorrow for morning tea. You should have seen her face when he told her that he needed to show all the men at work what a clever grandaughter he has!

Now I cant wait to start mince pies for christmas! And to see how I go with the crackling on a roast pork!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


I came to the conclusion, whilst aranging my new home over the last few days that perhaps I should mention Zones. No I am not refering to public transport! I am talking about desegnated zones in the home, I have always found this helpful especially in the kitchen. For example the kettle sits by the power point on the bench, the tea and coffee canisters are displayed beside it with the biscuit jar and in the cupboard above I keep tea cups, saucers and mugs. This is a zone, another would be the baking zone that has mixing bowls, and measuring jugs and cups in the cupboard underneath the bench and above is the scales and container of wooden spoons/spatulas etc.
  If you organise your whole home this way it does make things more comfortable and far easier to keep tidy. If the children have a play area in the living area outside of their bedroom keep it contained to a zone, there is no need for toys to be spread indiscriminately through the house, If you have nowhere to sit quietly of an evening with a favorite book or television program without being surrounded by your childrens belongings you need to do something! They do not run the home you do, so get zoning and teach them where it is appropriate to bring out toys and where it isn't.
  I zone everything from the desk and computer pariphenalia to The clothes in the wardrobes, Try it it really does make homemaking easier.....

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We Made it!!

We have arrived! I am sitting writing this post from our lovely new home in Brisbane! It was a very long drive and we stayed overnight at Coffs Harbour, the children did so well in the car, we had no motion sickness for the first time and they entertained themselves with eyespy and other car games.
 Our furniture etc was delivered yesterday and I have spent today getting everything unpacked and putting together rooms. As soon as everything is as it should be I will post photo's!