Thursday, September 1, 2011

Welcome Spring!

                                             Floriade Canberra

 Spring is finally here! Above I have put a photo of Canberra's Floriade, as I think it is always so beautiful and this is the last time we will be able to take the children picnicing there, as we move in November. Now please dont misunderstand me I LOVE Brisbane, but bulbs and cottage flowers like these just dont grow, no matter how hard you try! I'll just have to appreciate all of the Jacaranda's, bouganvillia's etc. Oh and of course Gardenia's! They do very well there and just happen to be my favorite flower!
  My spring cleaning is now officially in full swing! I've been quite unwell for the last two weeks so it was a slow start, but I am feeling alot better today so look out family, if you stand still long enough I'm likely to task you, dust you or put you in the washing machine!!

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