Sunday, September 25, 2011

Planning Meals

Here is my meal plan for the week, I think meal planning is essential if you want to run your home efficiently, also it saves you money on your grocery bill and if you plan to use up leftovers in other meals there is much less waste.
  I also check the menu for the next day while preparing dinner so if for example I am doing a cassarole tomorrow, I would have planned for sausauges mashed potatoes and veg tonight so I can peel extra potatoes and carrots and pop them in a bowl of water in the fridge, ready to go straight into the crockpot in the morning. Oh and speaking of using up leftovers, yes spare bolognaise sauce makes lasagne but Shane and the boys LOVE it on toast with their egg in the mornings!

I start my menu from a Thursday because thats my grocerys and errands day. Shane has the car on the other days, and I must say It is nice to just be at home doing what needs to be done, without having to go anywhere for the rest of the week!

THURSDAY : Dinner - Marinated chicken and salad wraps.
                       Dessert - Apple, pear and blueberry crumble with cream.

FRIDAY : Dinner - Pumpkin soup and hot homemade bread and butter.
                 Dessert - Ice cream cones with sprinkles

SATURDAY : Dinner - Home made pizzas
                       Supper - Mummys special hot chocolates

SUNDAY : Dinner - Roast beef, gravy and yorkshire pudding, baked
                                 potatoes, pumpkin, carrots and onions with a side
                                 of greens and cauliflower cheese.
                   Dessert - Tinned peaches and custard.

MONDAY : Dinner - Meat and vegie pie (using roast leftovers) corn on the
                                  cob, broccoli and peas.
                   Supper - Warm stewed apple and rhubarb.

TUESDAY : Dinner - Spaghetti bolognaise with a salad.
                    Dessert - Fruit salad.

WEDNESDAY : Dinner - Sausauges with gravy mashed potato, sauteed
                                         cabbage and steamed whole baby carrots.
                          Supper - Warm milk and honey.

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