Sunday, September 18, 2011

Camping trip

Good Morning!
                     It is almost school holidays here in Canberra, It is definately warming up! We had the most glorious weather for the weekend and spent most of it outdoors, Joshua had his Rugby presentation day and BBQ on Saturday, and we went bushwalking at Kowen Forest on Sunday afternoon then took the younger girls for a bike ride before dinner so as Lilly could practice without "training wheels" (she's a big girl now).
    We love being out in the bush, and are planning a camping trip for the holidays. It's better to go in spring as there is no fire ban yet and significantly less flies!  We always go to camping areas that are secluded, and are usually the only family there, which I love ! We can cook everything on the fire( Mmmm damper!) The kids run around swim, play cricket and footy and Shane brings a big rope to hang out of a gumtree as a swing. At bathtime, strip off  girls then boys and bathe in the creek or river(remember DO NOT use soap, only a natural bodywash thats sulphate free and 100% biodegradable. Soap damages the ecosystem and encourages toxic blue/green algae.) The nights are cold in spring so we all snuggle up around  the fire chatting , laughing and sometimes singing with hot milk and honey and toasted marshmallows. Camping is so much fun, I cant wait!

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