Sunday, September 25, 2011

Planning Meals

Here is my meal plan for the week, I think meal planning is essential if you want to run your home efficiently, also it saves you money on your grocery bill and if you plan to use up leftovers in other meals there is much less waste.
  I also check the menu for the next day while preparing dinner so if for example I am doing a cassarole tomorrow, I would have planned for sausauges mashed potatoes and veg tonight so I can peel extra potatoes and carrots and pop them in a bowl of water in the fridge, ready to go straight into the crockpot in the morning. Oh and speaking of using up leftovers, yes spare bolognaise sauce makes lasagne but Shane and the boys LOVE it on toast with their egg in the mornings!

I start my menu from a Thursday because thats my grocerys and errands day. Shane has the car on the other days, and I must say It is nice to just be at home doing what needs to be done, without having to go anywhere for the rest of the week!

THURSDAY : Dinner - Marinated chicken and salad wraps.
                       Dessert - Apple, pear and blueberry crumble with cream.

FRIDAY : Dinner - Pumpkin soup and hot homemade bread and butter.
                 Dessert - Ice cream cones with sprinkles

SATURDAY : Dinner - Home made pizzas
                       Supper - Mummys special hot chocolates

SUNDAY : Dinner - Roast beef, gravy and yorkshire pudding, baked
                                 potatoes, pumpkin, carrots and onions with a side
                                 of greens and cauliflower cheese.
                   Dessert - Tinned peaches and custard.

MONDAY : Dinner - Meat and vegie pie (using roast leftovers) corn on the
                                  cob, broccoli and peas.
                   Supper - Warm stewed apple and rhubarb.

TUESDAY : Dinner - Spaghetti bolognaise with a salad.
                    Dessert - Fruit salad.

WEDNESDAY : Dinner - Sausauges with gravy mashed potato, sauteed
                                         cabbage and steamed whole baby carrots.
                          Supper - Warm milk and honey.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Camping trip

Good Morning!
                     It is almost school holidays here in Canberra, It is definately warming up! We had the most glorious weather for the weekend and spent most of it outdoors, Joshua had his Rugby presentation day and BBQ on Saturday, and we went bushwalking at Kowen Forest on Sunday afternoon then took the younger girls for a bike ride before dinner so as Lilly could practice without "training wheels" (she's a big girl now).
    We love being out in the bush, and are planning a camping trip for the holidays. It's better to go in spring as there is no fire ban yet and significantly less flies!  We always go to camping areas that are secluded, and are usually the only family there, which I love ! We can cook everything on the fire( Mmmm damper!) The kids run around swim, play cricket and footy and Shane brings a big rope to hang out of a gumtree as a swing. At bathtime, strip off  girls then boys and bathe in the creek or river(remember DO NOT use soap, only a natural bodywash thats sulphate free and 100% biodegradable. Soap damages the ecosystem and encourages toxic blue/green algae.) The nights are cold in spring so we all snuggle up around  the fire chatting , laughing and sometimes singing with hot milk and honey and toasted marshmallows. Camping is so much fun, I cant wait!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lovely strawberries

Today I went to the farmers market, and I was so pleased to find that the strawberry man had one tray of strawberries that were second's, and for only $5.00! Of course I snapped them up and spent the afternoon making strawberry preserves and cordial, delicious! Making the preserves is easier than jam as they are just stewed fruit in a thick syrup. They have many uses, spoon onto hot homemade bread and butter or scones with thick cream, drizzle them over icecream or vanilla yogurt and they are superb wizzed in the blender with organic fullcream milk and a touch of vanilla!
  All I did was half the berries and put them in my heavy cast iron pot. I added the juice of a lemon, two cups of organic raw sugar and filled about 1/3 of the pot with water. I let it simmer for around 45 minutes constantly skimming the top and there you have it! Pour it into clean preserving jars and screw the lid on tight, as it cools the seal on the lid should suck down and not move when you push on it.
As for the cordial I had a fair bit of  fruit syrup left over so I simmered it down a little longer, next I added an equal amount of water, strained it and quickly brought it to the boil then bottled it, it is that simple mix it with sparkling water and ice for a lovely refreshing drink! I do love strawberries!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Welcome Spring!

                                             Floriade Canberra

 Spring is finally here! Above I have put a photo of Canberra's Floriade, as I think it is always so beautiful and this is the last time we will be able to take the children picnicing there, as we move in November. Now please dont misunderstand me I LOVE Brisbane, but bulbs and cottage flowers like these just dont grow, no matter how hard you try! I'll just have to appreciate all of the Jacaranda's, bouganvillia's etc. Oh and of course Gardenia's! They do very well there and just happen to be my favorite flower!
  My spring cleaning is now officially in full swing! I've been quite unwell for the last two weeks so it was a slow start, but I am feeling alot better today so look out family, if you stand still long enough I'm likely to task you, dust you or put you in the washing machine!!