Saturday, August 20, 2011


We have had alot of very rainy and cold days these past few weeks, and it's over these weeks that I have come to fully appreciate "gumboots." The children and I walk to the school bus every morning rain or shine, now coats and umbrellas do the job very nicely when it is raining but their feet are soaked through by the time we reach the bus stop. An easy way to make sure the little ones stay warm and dry is to put their school shoes in a plastic bag in their back pack and wear gumboots! When they get to school the boots go into the plastic bag and the shoes go on the feet! If its still raining in the afternoon, out come the gumboots. Since Canberra gets very cold on a winter morning, I discovered that a pair of my husbands woolly army socks cut down and stitched at the top with elastic and bias binding make perfect gumboot liners for  little girls boots(They have to wear stockings, the boys are in socks) You just fold the elasticised edge over the top of the boot, they can slip their feet in and out "easy peasy" and their feet stay toasty warm! 

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