Sunday, July 31, 2011

On The Move!

We are moving to Brisbane! How exciting, we already have a lovely new married quarter home and I have been having a lovely time planning and preparing where everything will go, and what style I would like to achieve. I am seriously tired of clutter! So I have decided to go with a classic look this time with lots of white and neutrals, a little charcoal, oh and plenty of natural fibres etc like big jute rugs and linen drapes! Perhaps a touch of provincial?I am lucky we are not going until December it gives me time to bring together everything, I have been buying something every week for our new home and putting it away. Things like  new white fluffy towels and  bath mats, also new sheets for all the beds. I think it's so nice to move into a new home and be able to bring out all the wonderful things I've collected or made and kept aside especially. I suppose its like preparing a "glory box" I will be beginning some new quilts for the childrens beds next week, I do hope I can finish them all in time as there is six of them to make!  I have set aside a shelf in my linen press where I am carefully wrapping the things in tissue paper and storing them there until moving day, I pop a few bars of my favorite soap { Rose of course!} on all of the shelves in the cupboard to keep our linen and towels smelling beautiful, It seems to have infused the tissue paper aswell! I might reuse it as drawer liners in the girls rooms at the other end, or maybe to wrap christmas gifts for my Mother and Sister in law. Even if you are not moving but long for a change in the look of your home you could do this it dosn't need to be overly expensive or overwhelming, just start small, put a little something aside here and there, maybe paint some old chairs or throw a nice coverlet over your couch, perhaps a new rug? If you see something on sale that you love but is not in your budget, layby it! dont they say,"A change is as good as a holiday!"

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