Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A good breakfast

I can not stress enough the importance of a good breakfast! And I am not just talking about nutrition, as it is fairly common knowledge that beginning each morning with fruit, wholegrain cereal and an egg is a brilliant start to the day, in fact I find that I barely need much more than a nibble at lunch and dinner! What I am talking about is the "ritual" of breakfast. Once I have  fed and organised children out the door to the school bus, I clean up my kitchen make a pot of tea check that my "good room" is as it should be. Then I prepare a lovely breakfast put on some quiet music and enjoy my morning meal at the dining table with good china, silverware ect. As I gaze out my windows at my garden I contemplate the day ahead and make a few mental notes regarding tasks I'd like to achieve, the days menu etc. I recommend every Lady to try it, as it really does put you in a calm and positive state of mind!
Now I know that some of you out there with small children are thinking "How on earth am I supposed to do that with a toddler?" All you need is 15-20 minutes, so once your little one is fed and dressed  bring out a  toy or game that you only get out at that time of day, sit them on the floor near to you and let them know its time for them to have their special game while mummy has her breakfast. When you are finished ask them to come and keep you company while you tidy your dishes etc, and you pop their special toy away safely for tomorrow. My youngest used to love to play with a little china tea set at the coffee table having "breakfast" with Dolly.
I suppose the point I am making here is that we are important and special, and if we treat ourselves as such, others will too. Also taking the time to do these little things makes a happy calm Mother, which in turn makes happy calm children!  

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