Monday, June 27, 2011

Where To Begin?

Hello! I cant believe it's been nearly 2 months since my last post! I have been so busy, I barely have time to fit in everything that needs to be done in a day let alone blog!!! I have taken a job at a lovely linen and homewares store, Its only 12 hours a week but I am starting to realise how much I need those 12 hours at home!! My mum is coming to stay tomorrow, we are very excited, Dad is coming too but he flys down next week as he couldn't take more than a week off work, they will fly home together.
 Now, lets see if I can manage to put my house back to the way its supposed to be today, ( its not too bad just needs some of my extra little touches) and this afternoon I think I will work on some sort of  organised shedule. I know I was organised before, but I think what I need now is organisation with military precision!