Monday, February 7, 2011

A Quiet Life

It is so important to have somewhere you can go to quiet the mind, a place of peace. My children call it Mummys Ahhhh moment , whether you take a pot of your favorite tea or a tall glass of your homemade cordial with ice, to sit for half an hour in a place of beauty quietly in your own thoughts. Not only is it calming but it rejuvinates you and inspires the most lovely things!

I find that in spring and summer my favorite spot is in our garden, My son Joshua set up a small table and chair with a pretty cloth and some lovely cussions for me, right in the middle of all of the flower gardens only last week as a suprise! The view is beautiful ....
When the weather turns cool, I sit in my " Good Room" I suppose you could call it my Parlour, I just love to be surrounded by special things! It is definitely worth the effort to make your home beautiful, because it is not just yours, but your familys sanctuary..

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